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When African Education and Christianity Meet: The Reformation Wall Nigeria

Africa is on a big leap, yes –Africa; this same continent that self-serving politicians have condemned to darkness and ivory tower bureaucrats regularly allegorize with ignorance. The good news is that so many countries on the continent are on course to being part of the league of economically viable, powerful and innovative nations.

The former romanticization and our clawing dependence on financial aids pouring in from Europe and the Americans is now a thing of the past, not because our politicians are not opening our doors to these aid-givers, but because young and vibrant individuals are carving their own niche and building a meaningful life for themselves.

not because our politicians are not opening our doors to these aid-givers, but… Click To Tweet

These resilient and innovative visionaries– men and women within the 54 countries scattered across the beautiful African terrain are breaking ties with their surrounding low expectations and doing great things with very little resources available to them. They found true freedom when they discovered that a wait for some globalist saviour to come and serve them their economic “salvation” is an exercise in futility.

These resilient and innovative visionaries– men and women within the 54… Click To Tweet

We now understand that real growth and lasting development for our continent can only be fired up when people build great products, startup profitable companies and serve the world – one person at a time.

As a young man who believes strongly in the African vision, I discovered that there is a desperate need for cheap, quality, world-class education using relevant learning technologies which are accessible to poor communities of over 100 million Nigerians. The government has not been able to do this for years due to the absence of innovation in the industry and there appears to be no concrete plan to solve this problem anytime soon and thus launched Reformation Wall Classical Christian School officially on April 4th, 2017.

Our mission is to “partner with Christian parents to equip and empower our students through our classical Christian education model to develop clear thinking from the Bible and build genuine faith that will enable them to engage and solve our society’s problems effectively for the good of all people.”

Reformation Wall is an institution that aims to use a unique model of teaching called the classical Christian approach. We utilise systems and curriculums that develop clear thinking in students all through their physical and mental development stages – we do not teach students what to think, we help them shape their thinking through a biblical framework.

Children between ages 1 and 12 (elementary school) are generally repetitive. They love memorising, singing and reciting rhymes and so we help build their language usage at this stage. The next is the logic stage (middle school); where students are trained to think well because they are usually argumentative and finally the rhetoric or dialectic stage (high school) where students are taught the right approach to speak.

Next is our technological effort, at Reformation Wall, we are working to improve access to quality education and to enhance the learning experience of school children in poor communities, through the use of state of the art educational technologies, learning software and e-study materials.

We will be using learning hardware including electronic class boards, laptops, projectors, Virtual Reality (V.R) facilities, tablets and online learning management software such as Moodle and Google Education (G-Suite) to create and cultivate personalized learning environments using cloud-based technology [to host and distribute digital documents, communication, and collaboration between teachers and students both locally and internationally]. Introductory computer programming courses such as Android App development, Ruby or Python.

Ultimately, the goal of Reformation Wall Classical Christian School is to graduate young men and women, who are mature in the faith, see and interpret life through a biblical lens and are committed to standing firm for Christ in the midst of growing cultural hostility.

Our academic session will be kicking off from the 4th of September, 2017 at our Abuja facility on Katampe 2, Abuja, Nigeria. Admission into Reformation Wall School is now in progress. Candidates can apply by downloading and filling the Application Form or by getting it directly from the school premises for free. You can visit our website here: and follow our twitter account: @ReformationWall.


Daniel Olushola is the President/CEO of Reformation Wall Classical Christian School. You can follow him on Twitter: @DanielOlushola


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