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#VeganNovember What I’ve Learnt Half Way Through

Hey Guys!!

Hope you are doing well! As you probably might know, I decided to go Vegan for the month of November, check out the post here if you have no idea why I am doing this!

We have passed the halfway mark now, so I thought I would share some things I have learnt so far, it’s been an amazing but greatly challenging journey. So far I have not had meat or meat products yet, not on purpose at least LOL. I ACCIDENTALLY ate Biltong, and I ate a Salad with Mayo and Yoghurt (rookie mistake), but I am giving myself a pass because it wasn’t intentional at all. Anyway, here goes some of the lessons I have learnt so far about veganism and what it is teaching me about life and faith;


1. Planning is everything. Mental planning, financial planning, meal planning, emotional planning and every kind of planning needed is important to stay on the path you have set for yourself. For my Vegan Journey (fast) I did a lot of financial and meal preparation but what I have seen so far is that having the mental and emotional focus is everything. Mentally I have to think about what I am going to have for breakfast before the day starts, I also think about lunch and dinner way before the time comes so that I already have what I am going to eat in my mind. This was particularly important for me because I make my food choices based on convenience, which leads me to make a lot of terrible eating habits. As far as emotional planning goes, I am definitely more aware of my emotional eating tendencies, because I now cant just go to KFC to find happiness in some dunked wings, I am forced to make conscience choices as to how I will deal with my emotions which has been super helpful.


2. Eating food that loves you back is everything. Believe it or not, the foodies in me is definetly enjoying the food, it tastes so much better and the flavours come out more, I love it. There hasn’t been a vegan meal that I have tried and has turned out to be terrible, it is changing the way I experience and enjoy the food. But more importantly eating vegan has helped me eat more of the good stuff, I eat less unhealthy, processed food full of chemicals, especially those junk food. It pretty cool that even when I am eating a burger, I am not eating food that’s killing me but rather food that is loving me back as much as I love it. I am learning to cultivate a healthy and loving relationship with food, even when  (if) I start eating meat again I definitely I am taking this lesson with me.


3. Sometimes saying No to yourself is what is good for you. One of the main reasons I am doing this whole thing is to teach myself how to say No to myself, it’s harder than it sounds but a necessary discipline for every Christian. I am simply learning, I can say no, not every desire needs to be fulfilled, once you deny yourself you realise the thing you wanted is not even that important or that satisfying.


4. I get hungry more often, I see why snacking before meals is a thing. For real, I can now tell when its lunch time because of my stomach and I am hungry by 5 pm. I am eating enough but I don’t know I science behind it yet, before this I would rarely snack because carbs do their job, but now healthy snacks are my friends!


5. Why was I sleeping on smoothies?! I am really enjoying making smoothies, mixing it up and spicing it up, I don’t know why I didnt think about this earlier.


I don’t know if this counts as something I have learnt, but I am glad fries are vegan-friendly! Honestly, on some days I just really need to let it go, fries have been my go-to let it go food.

As i am writing this I have about 11 days to go, It’s still hard, but I have done more than I thought I would, I am learning about myself and what I am capable of. This challenge has so far been worth it. What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to give up for a period of time but havent done it yet? Let me know in the comments below!!

Also, check out this little (20 seconds) video I did for this update below:




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