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The Unit Africa Tour: African CHH’s Bold Move!

For the longest time, Africa has been one of the biggest consumers of Christian Hip Hop, we have American rappers come and do multiple country tours on our continent. No one can deny the impact and reception that Christian Hip Hop has had on the African continent, not only have we received international artists well, we also have our own artists that are domestically and regionally celebrated. The biggest challenge has however been the fact that our continent is physically big but also culturally diverse and dynamic, which makes it harder to keep up with what is happening in the Christian Hip Hop Community in other countries. One thing we know for sure is that something is happening, God is at work in the community around us, which is why something like The Unit Africa Tour excites me. I think it is the next biggest step and milestone that Christian Hip Hop in Africa will take, as a fan and supporter of art and ministry I am excited!


But what exactly is “The Unit Africa Tour”? I got a chance to talk to the man behind the tour, Harold Moyo of Fresh Impressions, who is also responsible for bringing a lot of the Christian Hip Hop Artists we have had a tour, Africa. “The Unit Africa Tour is a tour where we are trying to come to a place where we are enhancing Africa’s voice, showing that we can also deliver what our European/Western brothers have been coming to say. We have a mandate to reach out to our own countries, cities and neighbourhoods. We basically chose African artists who have been faithful in their walk with the Lord and music ministry, we put together people who have a passion for the great commission, all the four guys involved in the tour have a passion for the great commission and all serve as both as rappers and youth pastors. The main goal of the tour is to champion African Millennials for the gospel and using African voices to do that. 3 Christian rappers/speakers and one Speaker/Entrepreneur go on an African tour to encourage and ignite passion and self-confidence within young Africans through concerts. This is a call to raise awareness on the importance of the great commission, responsibility of young people in social issues, the arts and true theology. “.


The tour is going to be in 10 cities across East and Southern Africa, and it features South Africa’s Blaque Nubon, Courtney Antipas from Zimbabwe, and Malawi’s David Kalilani as the special guest. The tour will be coming to a city near you pretty soon, I personally cannot wait till it comes to Blantyre (in April), check out the tour dates below to see when The Unit Tour will be in your city. This our time to make our African voices heard and be a part of God’s movement in our community, don’t get left behind. You can also financially support the tour by following this link:


Tour Dates

23.02.18 Gaborone, Botswana

24.02.18 Johannesburg, South Africa

25.02.18 Manzini, Swaziland

30.03.18 Harare, Zimbabwe

31.03.18 Zambia

02.04.18 Lilongwe, Malawi

05.04.18 Mzuzu, Malawi

08.04.18 Blantyre, Malawi.

28.04.18 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

29.04.18 Nairobi, Kenya.


Let us know which country and city you will be attending the tour and who you look forward to seeing in the comment section below! Click share to spread the word!

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