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    I Am Not A Goddess

    Hie! my name is Diana. Not to be confused with the great goddess though. Although I share a name with the great goddess I am far from one, the goddess Diana was very popular back in the day, people would come from all around Asia and the world just to worship this Goddess. She had silver coins with her face on it and different things sold with her face and name on it to the point that they had a silver shrine for her. This silver shrine business was quite profitable until the ministry of Paul reached the city of Ephesus, people started to change when they heard the Gospel.

    The reason I am explaining this is to give you an idea, that though I am not a goddess, me and Diana have something in common. And this is that our stories have been changed by the Gospel. For Diana the Goddess her popularity eventually went down, that is probably why you might have known much about her before this.

    My life on the other hand, has been changed in a different way, a more positive way. I was once lost but Christ found me, I am sinner saved by Grace. Once alienated from God but now I hold a higher position than being a goddess I  get to be a Child of God Almighty!! AMAZING!!!

    This blog is a journey of my life not as a goddess I share a name with but as a child of God. Thank you for stopping by, lets get in touch TWITTER: @DianaisSecond