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Hello world, I know its been a while. I miss the “blogosphere”, but due to the busyness of life I have not been able to blog as often.

But I would like to share with you a few changes that have happened in my life of late.  One of the major changes I’ve made is my eating habits, no I’m not talking about a diet,  more like a lifestyle change permanently.

It’s been about a month Now of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I will share the reasons for this in another blog post,  but today I want share my experience of this journey. The first two, three weeks were horrible, I was eating all the good stuff(a lot of fruit and Veg) even though I hated it.  Sometimes I would even imagine I’m eating something else instead just to make the pain less bearable. Over the course of these three weeks I tried to disciple my body,  to get used to this change.

Although it was hard, it was worth it,  this week (week 4) I found my self craving and actually enjoying a salad. I couldn’t believe my self,  but it was great, I never saw My self ever choosing to eat a salad over rice. That was not the type of person I was,  but through discipline, consistency and feeding myself the right stuff I’ve made progress.

A lot of how our healthy lives operate is very similar to our Spiritual lives.  When we want a quick weight loss,  we diet,  but that’s never permanent, almost like when we want a particular blessing from God.  But True change happens through a serious change in eating habits and the like. Similarly, in order for us to maintain a healthy Spiritual life and walk with The Lord,  we need to disciple ourselves into feeding our souls the right stuff and saying no to the harmful stuff.

As the principle says Garbage in Garbage Out,  if you feed on KFC deep fried chicken everyday sooner or later your body Will start to react.  If you starve or feed your Spirit the wrong stuff for the Spiritual nourishment it needs, best believe it will suffer and due results Will start to show.

This post is just encourage you my dear brothers and sisters to discipline yourselves in the practice of Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible reading and study, and fellowship with the Lords people, for a healthier Spiritual life.

“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”

1 Timothy 4:8 NLT

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