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Nobody Instagram’s Faithfulness

Last year brought me some amazing opportunities, some of them thanks to this blog. I shared with the people in my life and social media life some of these highlights because they were things I was generally pretty excited about. But towards the end of last year as I was taking stock I realized how there is so much more that I spent time doing that might not have made by Instagram highlights when in actual sense they are the things that actually matter.

Last year one of the most impactful questions I heard someone ask was “how was your ministry?”, Tim Hawkins asked this question in a room full of youth ministry leaders. You can imagine the answers, almost all of us measured our ministry based on numbers. Tim Hawkins then went on to remind us of how we can be so successful in every aspect of our ministry, yet fail at like the one thing Jesus told us.

In my head, I am picturing Jesus pulling a “you had one job bro” meme on me! Like literally the most important task he left us is to make disciples, the devil has successfully made so busy doing all the ‘good’ commissions that we forget the “great” commission.

As  I reflect on how I am doing regarding the goals I set for this year, one question I keep asking myself is “am I succeeding in the things that matter?” Am I doing the one job Jesus gave me faithfully and consistently?

Nobody Instagram’s faithfulness and consistency, yet its the main ingredient for discipleship. It’s harder to post a picture of your youth group when only 1 person shows up than when 50 do. It’s so much easier to post a cute bible study picture when you are in the book of John than when you are stuck in Leviticus.  We live in a culture that loves to celebrate the big things but not the daily, mundane tasks that get us there.

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Following in the footsteps of Christ should cause us to value and trust the process. He took 30 years to start the public side of His ministry, yet the things he did in the 30 years of his life were just as important as what he did in 3 years. His ministry was publicly successful, yet he chose to spend more time with the 12 than the multitudes. The last command he could have given his disciples could have easily been go and perform more miracles or train more leaders, but he told them to go and make disciples.

God has commanded us to make disciples. He calls us to faithfully and consistently make disciples, and teach them to obey everything he has commanded. For me to be able to cultivate the faithfulness and consistency to walk alongside people and be there for them, I need to first be consistent in Christ and in being a disciple.

Am I faithfully and consistently sitting at the feet of Christ? How is my time with Christ reflected in how I do my work? In how I treat people? In how I care for those who don’t know Christ? How do I measure my faithfulness and maturity? Am I focusing on everything else apart from what God has actually called me to do, which is make disciples!

As I observe the life of Christ, I see how much he was a man of routine, in the gospels we see the words “as was his habit/custom” used often. I am challenged by the things Jesus prioritized as I look at my priorities, and celebrate and highlight the things that Jesus celebrates and highlights. My prayer is that in this new month (year), my priorities in all aspects of life (time, money, friendships, etc) reflect the heart of God and the one thing he has called me to do and making that a priority.

What is God calling you to do more of in the new year? What does faithfulness and consistency look like to you in your everyday life? Share with me in the comments sections below, or on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @iamnotagoddess I’d love to hear from you! If you enjoyed reading this, please do share with others 🙂

Grace and Peace,

Your Dear Sister Dee.

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  • Reply
    February 12, 2018 at 9:29 am

    Consistency for me, I think will look like trusting God and doing the simple things well. Lessons learnt from you blog actually. Thank you for teaching me Christianity, in how it looks like as we do this wild thing called life. God bless.

    • Reply
      February 12, 2018 at 9:42 am

      Thank you! I appreciate you leaving a comment.

  • Reply
    February 13, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Good read. Hoping when all’s said and done, our lives reflect our first priority as being listening and obeying God’s voice.

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