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My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

As you guys probably know by now, I love Podcasts! I listen to them all the time, especially on my walks and my daily commute. I made a list for those who want to get into podcasts, but simply do not know where to start. There are many podcasts that I listen to, but these are by far my favourite.

I narrowed them down to the most inspiring, impactful and thought-provoking podcast that I make sure to listen to every time they release a new episode. I will include soundcloud but you can also find them on your favourite podcast app 🙂

Here is my top 10, in that particular order:


  1. Kalibu Conversations Podcast. Shameless Plug, but I truly love this podcast because its everything that I look for in a podcast and its relevance to me and the community around me. I’d still listen to this podcast if I wasn’t part of it. I love that it is a homegrown podcast, we are about our country and pushing it, I believe in what we are building. Being part of it is just the extra sauce.


  1. Truth’s Table Podcast. I LOVE this podcast; it’s been in a lot of ways such a liberating experience. It’s a safe space for many black women including myself, it’s not an easy podcast to listen to, but I learn so much through it. The podcast is ‘built by black women for black women’, it features various guests and they have a wide range of conversations from colourism to their controversial episode on gender apartheid (which is my favourite tbh).


  1. Build A Better Us. I love this podcast because it feels like having a life coach, but for free. Which makes sense because the hosts are life coaches BJ Thomson and JP Parker, whose voices I still can’t tell apart.


  1. The Young Life Podcast. This is one of my favourite podcasts because it connects me with my tribe and fuels my passion for reaching teenagers with the gospel. I get to listen to various people who are pioneers in our ministry, it’s really encouraging to have different people connected by the same purpose. I was recently lucky to be featured on this podcast alongside some of my Young Life Africa Friends. This podcast is great for anyone who wants to learn and grow in serving others and being a servant who leads.


  1. Jude3Project. This is a podcast I absolutely love; its focus is apologetics for the urban community. Most of the topics they cover are so relevant even in our African context. Lisa Fields hosts various scholars to speak on issues ranging from ‘is God sexist?’ to Christianity and its roots in Africa.


  1. Feministing While Malawian. I love this podcast because they have difficult conversations, they spark conversations that are important to have in our Malawian community. I love the chemistry that Umba and Lusungu have as best friends/SoulMates, it makes it really easy and fun to listen to. I love that I get to learn about feminism, engage with the worldview from actual feminists, I believe you don’t have to be a feminist to enjoy it or learn from some of the experiences they share. I think my favourite is the episode on Mental Health.


  1. Jesus and Jollof. This is a podcast that will give you laughs and a lot of wisdom for life, hosted by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji who many know from insecure. The two are a hilarious duo, they talk all things African West African, making it and Jesus. Trust me, you will laugh.


  1. The Mash Start-Up Podcast. This is another African podcast that I love, Mash is the host of this podcast that features various business people talking about startups and business in South Africa. Mash also has a podcast Network called Lutcha and its Africa’s first podcasting network. I also love following Mash on twitter, he drops a lot of gems.


  1. The Threaded Exchange by Siya Beyile (CliffCentral). I love this podcast because I love all things black and African, it’s unapologetically both of those things. I love that they discuss topics that are common problems in our communities, and I get to hear inspirational stories on how people made it out of those situations.


  1. The Bible Project. If you are not familiar with the Bible Project, just go on youtube and search their name, prepare to be hooked. Listening to this podcast has changed how I read the bible, I love it. Check it out for yourself.


Which podcast would be in your top 10 and why?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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