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Liwu Proves Why He Is Probably The Best Rapper In Malawi In Broken Jenes #MusicFeature

Malawian rapper Liwu released his song ‘Broken Jenes’ which is a sequel to his 2011 song “pray a lot”. Pray a lot was a remix of Rick Ross’s “Blowin’  Money Fast” the song was on his ‘B4 the answer’ mixtape, and it used to be a big hit back in the day. Liwu is now back with a sequel to that song titled Broken Jenes (pronounced Broken Jeans), the concept behind the title is basically what happens when you pray a lot, your knees get worn out from praying. Broken Jenes is the first single off of his upcoming EP, the song is produced by Yesaya and features Grace Matonga on the vocals.

This song has the potential to be a huge hit, it has the perfect recipe for a modern hit because it is a very current song, the plot twist is in his bars. He perfectly combines both the playful new school vibes with the lyricism that Liwu is known and appreciated for. Very few artists manage to have a perfect combination of both such as this one, a song like this reminds why I think Liwu is the best rapper in Malawi. Below are the lyrics to Broken Jenes, check this out and tell me if you also think he is the best rapper in Malawi.

“Her weave game strong call it Neymar

She a fan of PSG but I won’t even name her

She got Calvin Kleins man is different lanes now

I’m running like Usain holup President Hussein now

Everybody stunting on the gram now

I’m tryna watch my weight I don’t follow they feed

Sindiwopa style yawo ngati Gagnum

I just tell the naked truth like its like Adam and Eve

I left the wrong ways for the right path

you can call me Arsenal coz I ain’t tryna fight back

He gave me my sight back

The Lamb of God no right back

My emails got right backs

My females got

Sindine wamatsenga but I got my Guess On

He switched the channel of my life so now gotta Press On

Emmanuel no TV

Zapadziko zonse zilibe ntchito that’s no CV

Check my story and my DP

Verse 2
I’m a priest now is why I’m rocking Levis

Preparing for that rapture so you know I gotta be fly

I got True Religion True Religion

These shades got me on super vision

Team so Real aise my crew si fiction

I be rocking Diesel at the next Puma

It’s a Total waste of time tryna Spread Rumors

Coz we already know what the verdict is

Jesus Christ is coming back like Vertebrae

I think I need a beat from Stitch Frey

Cos Jeans yanga ndi yo ngamba who’s gon fix me

My jeans look like they need another pair

Coz I’m all about the King we Cavaliers

T-shirt ndi yo Khwatcha call it CrossFit

Working out my salvation making sure that Crossfit

Hallelujah Amen I just say it like it’s church boy

Blessings over Blessings man I shouldn’t even work boy”

Broken Jenes made its radio premiere yesterday on 6 different radio stations across Malawi, today is the online release. You can download it for free here  and let us know, is Liwu the best rapper in Malawi? What do you think?

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    Michael Kamoto
    August 26, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    Very late reply, but yeah, this song is superb… the lyrics are simply stunning and edgy.

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