LiWu Is Back to Liwuminate

Liwu is undeniably one of the best rappers in Malawi, fans of Liwu will tell you how deep he is and how sick his wordplay is. The rapper has several mix tapes under his belt, but 3 years ago he took a break from the music industry to focus on his studies in Japan.

Fast forward 2017, he is back in Malawi and is ready to reintroduce himself to the rap scene especially the young kids. He has released two freestyles “3 years” and “I work so Hard” since being back, but his official comeback single is “Liwuminati” which debuted on Times Radio’s What’s Trending and officially dropped online on Friday.

His team was quick to clarify that the title of the track has nothing to do with conspiracy theories (Illuminati), it is most likely a wordplay on his name “Liwu” which means word. I can only assume Liwuminate means to bring the word to something, but that’s just my conspiracy.

The song has that old school hip hop feel, very appropriate for the content of the song because he speaks on the very deep issues in our society. From the struggles people have with the church, July 20 incident and the problems with the leadership to sin. He eventually addresses the main problem that is evident is our society, which is the sin problem and that is what people should be talking about.

“If you haven’t started to address the sin problem, you might be from the ghetto but you haven’t seen problems”-Liwu


“If you haven’t started to address the sin problem, you might be from the ghetto but you… Click To Tweet

The track might not be banging for the new school “skr skr” kids, but the hip hop heads will definitely appreciate it. If you have been sleeping on Liwu you need to check out this song as well as the freestyles he has put out, any fan of good hip hop will appreciate it.

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