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Introducing Kalibu Conversations Podcast

Over the last year, I’ve been inspired a lot by the conversations I get to have with my friends and the different people I cross paths with. Encouraging, challenging and thought provoking is one of the ways I would describe them.

For a while, I’ve had the desire to put these conversations out there and bring people far and near to be part of them. I think Young Africans are vibrant and brilliant minds who have something to say. Kalibu Conversations Podcast is our platform to share what is on our minds.

Kalibu is the Chichewa word for “invitation”, Kalibu Conversations Podcast is an invitation to you to join our conversations. It’s a Podcast on various conversations on Faith, Art and Culture by five dynamic urban African voices. We share our perspective on the things are affect us and discuss topics that are relevant in our community.

How do we know these topics are relevant, because we have been having them already. I am sure you have too, which is why we are bring them into this wonderful space called the internet.

The Podcast is hosted by, it’s the first of the different podcasts that will be hosted here as a podcast network. It’s is produced by LegendaryMW, they handle all our audio needs.

I’m excited to introduce to you the hosts, you will get to learn more about them on Episode 1 of the podcast which premieres on Friday!! But I wanted to share a little about them and my personal relationship with them.

Rodney ‘EQ Odala’ Msuku- I’ve got a special relationship with Rodney, because he was one of the people that shared the Gospel with me the day I got saved. I’ve known him since and God has used him in a lot of ways in my life, particularly in using him to connect me with people who have been instrumental in my growth in the Faith. Rodney and I have had a business together, went to University together, been in the same church; our friendship has seen many season. He is my creative friend who I work with on various projects, fun fact; he came up with the name iamnotagoddess and Kalibu Conversations! I am excited to have Rodney of the podcast because he is unapologetic about his opinions.

Larry Kambala- Larry is one of the most solid and consistent dudes I know. He is such a blessing to know and has an encouraging testimony. He is such a man of consistent character and integrity, genuine nice guy. I am excited to have him on the podcast because he is such a great person to disagree with, especially on things he feels deeply about Lol!


Theo Chapeta- Theo is an amazing young lady, who I’ve known maybe a little over a year. She is awesome and I love getting to know her more and More as time progresses. One of the coolest things about Theo is her heart from her local church (Flood Church Blantyre) where she serves. I’ve observed her serve them and it’s been encouraging to watch. She also is a radio personality, which is exciting for the podcast to have at least one person who is professional Lol!

Jonathan “JT” Assani- Jonathan is the youngest person on this podcast! He is only 20 years old, but he is Young and unashamed of the gospel. I’ve known JT for about 5 years now, I’ve had the joy of seeing him grown and serving along side him through Young Life. He is an amazing leader with a genuine heart for people, and a true blessing to be around. I am excited for him to bring his joy and light to the podcast!

Myself, Diana. I’m only on this podcast because I LOVE podcasts. I’ve wanted to have one for a while , just because I love the medium.

This is our Kalibu to you, join us in conversations on Faith, Art and Culture as well as a host of other things that matter to us.

The podcast goes live on Friday (New Episodes every other Friday) you can check it out on these Platforms, feel free to follow/subscribe so you can be the first to know when we drop:


What would you like us to talk about?

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    Robert Cheleuka
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      Thank you RJay!

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    So excited about this ?????

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