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Get To Know Suffix “Before He Sleeps”

Malawian Afro-rapper Suffix is set to drop his highly anticipated debut album on 5 May 2018. He recently announced that the album will be titled “before I sleep”, he explained to me that the album title comes from him making an album where he discusses and addresses all that he ever wants to before he sleeps (dies). Especially from the perspective of a young man who grew up in Chilobwe facing the same trials, struggles and tribulations that young people in that context go through. Ultimately the album is there to highlight that “it’s not a sacrifice but a privilege to live within God’s story” said Suffix.

“it’s not a sacrifice but a privilege to live within God’s story”

The album features international artists such as Sho Baraka, Pompi, Lilly Million, Q Malewezi and many more. For the first time in years, Dynamike makes an appearance on an album as a producer alongside other great producers such as Blage and Dahlie Beats.

The album launch is set to take place “Pa Mbowe” on the 5th of May and Entry is completely Free, so come with your family and friends to witness history being made.

I recently got a chance to sit down with Suffix and get to know the man behind the music, in this interview we sit down and unpack who Suffix is, his thoughts on “Christian Hip Hop Beef” and many more things. The interview goes live on the “iamnotagoddess” Facebook and YouTube page on Monday 16 April 2017.

While you are waiting, check out the album tracklist and cover art below;

1. Intro feat. Q Malewezi

2. Ghetto Ndi Nyatwa ft Sho Baraka (prod. By Blage)

3. Chilobwe ft Tamarah & Kelvin Sings (prod. By Blage)

4. Unspoken feelings (prod. By sticky stax)

5. No Formula ft Tio (LotaHouse) (prod. By Blage)

6. 12 Hours ft Saint(prod. by Sticky stax)

7. Hiphop (prod. by Blage)

8. Tough love ft Esther Chungu (prod. by Dahlie beats )

9. Cholinga (prod. by Blage & Labrats)

10. Nyasa Bars ft MistaGray & Dahlie (prod. by Dahlie beats)

11. Save me ft Lilly Million (prod. by Dynamike and Manje)

12. Kwanu Nkwanu (prod. by sticky stax)

13. Kutali feat Pompi (prod. by Blage)

14.Kwathu ft Zyuga (prod. by Chance)

15. Amamva ft Kelvin sings (prod. by Dahlie beats

15. Creator

Which Track are you looking forward to hearing the most? Let me know in the comments section below!

Photography: Kay Phanga Art Direction: Simon Banda

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