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American Christian rapper Sho Baraka is set to do a two-city tour in Malawi, brought to us by Flood Church Lilongwe and Blantyre. The rapper is known for being one of the most lyrically talented rappers in the Christian music industry (in music in general for me), he uses his normal witty style of rap to shed light on social justice and how Christians respond. He is also known for not shying away from addressing controversy as well. Mag44 is a Zambian rapper who is incredibly talented and known for fusing hip-hop with the Zambian sound. Mag44’s album ‘Jijue’ is a classic album, his recent album ‘Brave Only’ is just as good. Both of these artists, along the Malawian acts will put on a stellar show worth watching.


The Lilongwe show is being organized by Flood Church Lilongwe, and it takes place at Gateway Mall on 16 December 2017. The show is free of charge and features supporting artists such as Suffix, KBG, Liwu, Faith Mussa and many more. The organizers are currently calling young entrepreneurs to come and showcase their businesses for free to over 2,000 young people that are expected to attend the show. They are also calling upon you, to invite your friends and everyone you can to come to this show so they can not only have fun but hear the gospel as well.


Sho Baraka and Mag44 will be in Blantyre on the 17th of December, the show is at Blantyre Cultural Centre, charges are  MK2,000 ticket and MK 3,000 at the door. The supporting acts for this concert include Suffix, S.A.M.U.E.L, Khetwayo, Progain and Jewcha.


As a huge fan of both these artists, I know the tour will be nothing short of amazing, we can also trust that our Malawian artists will not disappoint either. The concert is not just a way of having fun, but also sharing the gospel with young people in Malawi, shout out to Flood Church, Fresh Impressions, Letswai and InnoVision for putting together this one of a kind event.


We are looking forward to going to the hangout and the concert which songs are you excited to hear them do? Let us know in the comment section below!



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