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It’s about that time again, the year is almost over. And even though we are still yet to completely cross off the list of New Years resolutions from last year as achieved we go on to set new ones. Yep, round and round in circles we go. Although yours might not be an actual list i am sure you have things about yourself you would like to work on for the new year.

But today I want to present a different perspective on New Years resolutions. See, I believe that If you showed me your list of new resolutions I would be able to see your heart. Your list can show me what you really care about in your life, it could be weight loss or savings or character issues, see these things are not bad things at all. In fact i think we should desire to live healthy lives, manage our lives and finances better and build on having a great character. But it could easily lead to a vain obsession of one self.

I believe New Years resolutions are not entirely a bad thing. It just depends on what your focus is on, as Christians we want to continue to to always grow in Godliness as intimacy with God, do your New Years resolutions reflect this?

I pray this next year will be a great one for you guys and if you know God already may your resolution be to know him more and if you don’t know him he is not far from each one of us seek after him.(Acts 17:24-27)image


With Love,

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    December 31, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Amen amen..really our resolutions reflects our hearts. May God gv us grace to desire him mo than anything in 2015. Hav a blessed 2015 D..

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