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10 Songs by DA Truth You Should Know Before The Concert

The guest blogger today, is an expert when it comes to Da Truth and his music, She is the biggest Da Truth fan in Malawi and dare I say in Africa. Hope you enjoy the post, remember to like/follow @iamnotagoddess on all social media platforms, and feel free to leave a comment 🙂


Hello Beloved

Let me start by saying a big thank you to Dee miss I am Not a Goddess for this wonderful opportunity to write about one of my most favorite topics. I love DA T.R.U.T.H. and his music, his ministry and he is undisputedly my favorite rapper all around.

I was very excited when Dee asked me to write on my TOP 10 songs by Truth until I started listing the songs and ended up totaling 6 albums. Let it be known, You need to listen to ALL of Truth’s music, but for sake of the upcoming show, I will list the songs that are maybe, probably, possibly, since I reaaally have to pick; my TOP 10.

I remember my first year in Uni, the first taste of freedom, my first ever party, the first taste of alcohol, first serious relationship, first heartache and my first time failing in school was the first ever time I found my Christianity questioned, my beliefs put to the test. This was until I got introduced to CHH.

My roommate (S/O Didi Mvula) brought an iPod that had some Christian music in it and the album that caught my ear was THE BIG PICTURE. For months it was the only music I listened to and ladies and gentlemen, that road led me to where I am now.

I could say many things, but let me say listening to Truth over the years has taught me to love the Word of God. He is theologically sound, and as a theology major, this is what caught my attention and also being a hip hop head, I was baited from the word go. His delivery is sick, his rhymes will have you tuned from the word GO and he speaks the whole truth, nothing but it (See what I did there). I really connected to his music; it was easy to hear his heart when he spoke, his genuine love for God and his conviction of what he spoke. His music has soundtracked most of my walk with God, but from Moment Of Truth to It’s Complicated I have also been an audience to his walk with God.

I’ve been a Christian most of my life. I was raised in a Christian home, went to a Christian school and was in church every Sunday. I gave my life to Christ many years ago, I was 8 years old. I remember hearing the gospel, believing it and confessing Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and that’s how I’ve lived my whole life. For this reason, I think my number 1 song speaks for itself.


This song speaks about Truth, how he grew up knowing God and how he was tempted to think lesser of his testimony because it didn’t have any dramatics. I have been there too, and even until this day, there is always the temptation so think more highly of other people’s testimony that our own, but the truth is we have received the same grace, the same love, the same Christ. Even if you never committed the worst of sins (if there’s such a thing), you don’t have a rap sheet or feel you were not pulled out for the slimmest of dungeons, I assure you your testimony is worth sharing. Truth shared him on this song and it ministered greatly to me.


I’ll tell you this; if God has a playlist, this song is on it. I love the whole BIG PICTURE album and how the songs on the album gave me a new view of God and his relationship to humanity but this song is simply beautiful. Truth takes me into the captivating account of creation, the existence of God, and the fall of man up until the moment God sends the redeemer along. I relate this song to the book of John, in how the divinity of Christ is expressed. I also like that this song took an apologetic approach, ask all those questions “how did we get here? Was it through a natural selection? No sir it was the Master’s selection.” Truth does not leave his epic wordplay behind in this song and equally has you wallowing in God and his love for man.


I’m going to have to cheat on number 3, there’s no condemnation lol. But when it comes to these two songs, there’s no one without the other.

Aint Going Back is if definitely my feel good jam!! If I’m having a funny day, or the enemy is tryna whisper lies to me, you will find me bumping to this joint. And if you’ve been the prodigal son, you will definitely relate to Alive. Why? Because it reminds you of where you’ve been, what you’ve done and how Jesus dragged you outta there, and I can boldly declare that “I AM ALIVE” and “I AINT GOING BACK”

P/S: Truth, I need another Malski collabo.

P/S: Satan’s a snake in the grass, Jesus is mowing the lawn. #Epic

     4. COMPARE

Now this one is a beautiful love song that gets me thinking of the Love of God towards me and just his total dependability in my life. It reminds me that I will go through many things in life, many seasons and even storms, but the one thing I can trust in is always having a safe place to hide in God.

     5. FANTASY

Being a Christian, a woman, and also a youth living in a currently very materialistic world, this song is always always a reality check. Amazingly, the struggle is not always between God and material things, sometimes it’s God’s will over our goals. We get so caught up in piling up our achievements and crossing things off lists that we miss the bigger picture. God has already given us all things freely for our enjoyment but the real purpose of our creation was to love him and to worship him, God wants to us enjoy life but we must never lose sight of him, He wants us to enjoy him as well because all these things minus him, are all empty at the end of the day. Truth quotes Jesus saying “Life doesn’t consistent of the abundance of things” and I have held on to this song for every moment I loved the gifts more than the giver.  This song also reminds me to never find my worth in worldly things, in the achievements attached to my belt, the wealth because those things do not give me any value. So we will jump and down when he plays this song, but it will also minister to us a message that is relevant to today’s struggles.



One of the things I love about Truth is that he addresses the elephant in the room, he talks about those things most would rather cower from and he is not afraid to start the conversation. You can trust him, to be honest, and open about everything, including his personal failings. As such, I was very relieved when I listened to IT’S COMPLICATED and heard this song. Being “charismatic” and also having studied Theology, the False Teachers debacle hit very close to home. I was more than glad when a voice I trusted finally spoke on it. I found freedom to continue loving the preachers that I love and to listen to the sermons that I love listening to (Love me some auntie Joyce). I also felt the urge to continue searching the scriptures and discovering God for myself. This is also opened my eyes to how important it is to do everything in love. Although we have a long way to go in reuniting our views (charismatics and reformed Christians), I’m glad I got personal direction from this song in a time that was laced with a lot of confusion.

      7. JIFE

I recently wrote a post on my Facebook page on one of the reasons I loved Jesus that I think blends in quite well with this song, and it is that Jesus came for everybody. Out of the many things I learnt from studying Theology, this was the most liberating. Back in Uni, everybody was bumping to this song when it came out; even the unsaved and I feel YES! That’s who needs to hear this song the most. Sometimes Jesus has been painted as one who came for just us, or for just some and this was the same in the Old Testament; the Jews also thought he came for just them. Till this day we find Doctor Jesus showing that he came for the sick, he is here for Zaccheus, for the Samaritan woman, for the woman caught in adultery, and indeed for me.

    8. GOAT

This is also a feel good jam, a “brag on my Lord” typa joint and I just love it. It was hard picking only two songs for LOVE, HOPE, WAR but yes I love this song. Truth kind of just lays down Jesus’ “resume” on this song, showing the world why Jesus is the greatest of all time. His prowess ranges from walking on water, turning water to wine, giving vision back to them boys that were blind, giving legs to the crippled and splitting oceans right down the middle etc. If you haven’t heard it, you will love it.


This song deserves a Hallelujah because I’m sure we can all relate to that time when we really messed up but God made us whole. This entire album serves as a reminder that all men fall. Although it was an undesirable situation, I’m glad Truth speaks of his own story of restoration and it causes me to worship on the inside because I’ve been there before but today I boldly proclaim “all of my sins have been erased, he has lifted my disgrace.” Having been a fan for a long time, I have truly seen the work of a grace in Truth’s life and I’m honored to have witnessed today how God brought a sweet ending out of a sour situation. Will always love this album.



Let me close it off with this song, which might I add, always gets me thinking of the late Wana and Sayo. This song gets me thinking of the day when the enlisted finally get to stand before the King and Hear him say “Well Done”. As a Christian, there is no greater joy, no greater reason to hang on than knowing that a day will come when everything will make sense when all works will be rewarded and all pains will be comforted.

He inspired me to write on Eschatology on my undergraduate thesis and… Click To Tweet

To sum it up, Da Truth has been a great influence in my life, many things I have learnt from him that I did not hear in church. Many things I have begun to seek to know because I’ve seen him do it, and it opened me up to how God is not afraid of our questions. I have truly learned to taste and see! He inspired me to write on Eschatology on my undergraduate thesis and I’ll tell you it’s unfortunate you can’t reference a rap song in your bibliography. His lyrics have changed me as much as his rhymes have impressed me. And if he is reading this, from your biggest fan, I say thank you, may you never underestimate your reach.

I’m very excited about the upcoming book and I can hardly wait for his future albums.

So, this is not my blog and I’m sure I’ve exceeded my word limit by now so let me run along.

Grace and Peace Fam,



Marcia T. Kamanga aka Marcie/Marsh/Marshes. Kings’ Kid, Grace Receiver. If you wanna see God’s highlights, just take a look into my life.

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