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    Was what God created on the 6th day when he made me

    But then I ate the apple

    And all of a sudden my weight felt two pounds heavier

    My cheeks, chubbier

    My teeth, too straight

    In fact my body too curved

    My boobs never the right kind of pear shaped.


    I looked at myself,

    Not as the beautiful perfect woman God made,

    The one he called the most prized,

    No longer as one whose duties require her to be stronger for her husband,

    But I now wanted his role,

    Wanted to go hunt down the deer and bring food to the table

    Do everything that God didn’t intend me to be

    When he created eve.


    When I ate the fruit,

    Every body part that God gave no longer a tool to lead into the worship of him,

    But something I idolized and made god.

    But our God is a God who not only deserves to be worshipped

    But desires it.

    And so he sent the Christ

    To tear up the veil that closed my eyes

    So I could see clearly the image before me

    When I looked into the mirror,


    Every curve and every perfect imperfection

    Was made in His image

    In that moment I saw that it’s not what I wear or what I weigh that makes me beautiful,

    It’s the very Spirit of God that he gave me.

    And I’ll never be able to give myself to an Adam that doesn’t understand that without Christ,

    There is nothing sexy about me,



    Who has been brought back from death

    And given a new heart, a new flesh.

    Yes a new curve.

    This new heart allows me to sing with all the veins, arteries and Cholesterol in me Psalm 139

    I am beautifully and fearfully made.

    I can’t wait for the day you Adam can say with Solomon

    That you my Love are all together beautiful

    And every bit of lovely

    Not because of my frame but because He sees our Lord.