Easter season is officially over, we are back school some back to work and for other’s back to real life. Speaking from experience I know with all the rest and vacations and excitement of the long weekend,  we might overlook the importance of studying deeply the events of easter.  Yes we know we are celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, but there are some important details that are worth looking into if you missed them and also being reminded of. We should celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus everyday because it is the very reason for living.  So without further ado,  here are the 5 details you might have mised about easter.

1. ” The multitude who  cried,  “Hosanna to the Son of David”, speedily changed to ” away with him crucify him”- A.W pink. On Sunday they were singing praises to Jesus the  very same people sang a different song on Friday.  Its eazy to look down on these people,  but let’s look at our lives we’ll see we do the very same thing just looks a bit different. We go to church ever day of the easter weekend but every other day of the week we deny Jesus with our actions.  One moment we are tweeting Jesus is risen my sin has been defeated,  the next we making drinking plans with our friends.  Scary thing Jesus says in Matthew 10:33 “who so ever denies me before men, I also will deny before my father in heaven”.

2.  Most of us have watched the Jesus movie(s), some of us can’t watch passion of the Christ more than once because the physical violence is scary to see. Though the exact number of lashes Jesus suffered is not known,  it is believed that he was whipped 39 times because that was what was required in the law of moses. On top of that he was nailled on the cross., but this wasn’t the worst pain that Jesus endured.  The worst pain Jesus suffered was being under the wrath of his father, the crazy part is he did it so that we would not be have to be under God’s wrath, and that we would be called children of God if we believe in his death burial and resurrection. He was forsaken by God so that we wouldn’t be forsaken by God. Oh a love this is!!

3. When the hour had come,  God had proved himself faithful once again,  scriptures have been fulfilled. The triumphal entry in Matthew 21 was prophesied about in Zechariah 9:9. Isaiah 53 prophesied that Jesus would be rejected by his own people and it was fulfilled and so was the prophecy in psalms 41 and 55.  The division of his garments by casting of lots was foretold in psalm 22. There are so many prophecies that came true, cant list them all down but perhaps the major ones is the prophecy of him being a sin offering in isaiah 53.

4. This next one if often overlooked by some people as an important detail,  but I put it on this list because it always reminds me of Christ’ deity. Three men died on that day,  the two criminals and the innocent one Jesus the Christ,  but on day three only one of them rose from the death. Which brings me to the last point.

5. The resurrection.  Jesus rose from the death as he said he would.  This is important because is seals everything, as Jefferson Bethke once put it “death on the cross shows payment given,  the resurrection shows payment accept”. The resurrection shows that Jesus has defeated sin and Satan.  Christ is risen! “The empty grave is there to prove my savior lives”.

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, I am challenged to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus daily and not as something to do once a year. It is a beautiful reminder to always go back to. Peace and Grace :).

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