What is the chief end of man? “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

The first time I heard this question posed and answered was probably in a sermon or podcast by John Piper, and since then it’s become one of those things I know by heart, and it was brought to my mind once again during yesterday’s sermon. And oddly enough it fit in quite well with one of the verses I had been reflecting on this past week; Psalm 93:3 “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous works among all the peoples!”.

I believe that when we fully understand what the glory of God is we will desire to see it filled in all the nations as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). On that note, what then is the glory of God? Referring to my sermon notes again, the preacher defined the glory of God in the following ways:
1. The glory of God is the declaration of His name as LORD over all the heavens and earth.
2. The glory of God is His majesty and authority that is based on his holiness.
3. His presence among His people.

The glory of God is then the display and declaration of God’s authority, majesty, splendour and holiness among his people, in the Old Testament there were instances where God’s glory appeared as the sign of God’s presence, in the New Testament the fullness of His glory dwells in His son Jesus Christ. “God’s glory is shown forth in the plan and work of grace whereby he saves sinners, is meant to call forth praise that is the giving of glory to God through spoken words”- JI Packer.

The glory of God is displayed in the gospel, in that Jesus Christ in whom the fullness of the glory of God dwells came to die and save sinners by his grace, the believer’s reaction to this is praising God through words.
Therefore to proclaim/declare/speak of the glory of God among the nations and to proclaim his marvellous works among all people is to preach the gospel. God desires that all people’s (people groups eg; Yao, Lomwe, Tumbuka, Zulu etc) would declare His glory, He has before the creation of the word chosen His people among all nations to be redeemed for His glory and for them to proclaim His glory among their people’s and beyond.

Migration and Immigration have made it possible for us to be surrounded by “all nations” or “all people’s”, you don’t have to move to Africa or move to the villages to share the gospel to all nations. We are to proclaim the glory of God to the people God has surrounded us with, they could be our own people or foreign nations but our duty is to proclaim the gospel to them. A proclamation of the glory of God through the gospel leads to the worship of God (glorifying God through spoken word).

As John Piper puts it “Missions exist because the worship of God doesn’t”, until God is glorified among ALL nations and all tribes and tongues proclaim his glory then we have work to do. “The harvest in plenty but the labourers are few” (Luke 10:2). God’s glory being proclaimed among the nations is directly related to missions and evangelism. If we truly want to glorify God we will proclaim the gospel.

I pray that as Christians we will desire to see His glory declared among the nations, that ALL men will come to know that in Christ Jesus dwells the fullness of the glory of God and that our true response to the gospel is worship. As I start this new week, I pray that I will be faithful in sharing the gospel but also responding in worship to the glory of God that I have experienced through salvation.


Last year I did a post on the people groups in Malawi and how many have heard the gospel, according to statistics, more unreached people’s are moving to the cities now more than ever. This means that we have access to people who have never heard the gospel right where we are.

May you declare his glory among the peoples that God placed around you,
Grace and Peace,

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