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As Women’s Month comes to an end, I thought we would wrap up this blog series by chatting with a brother and seeing how celebrating womanhood looks like for him. Although I have not actually met Lux in person, I have been greatly encouraged by the conversations I have had with him online, I hope our brief chat will be encouraging to you. I sent him a few questions that he was kind enough to answer, read them below and let me know if you are a guy “what does celebrating womanhood look like in your life?” feel free to leave a comment below.


Dee: Who are the women who have been monumental on this journey


Lux Kent: Bontle Monnya and countless other women I have chatted and listened too. I mention Bontle because I met her at a gig I had just performed at and asked her to school me on feminism, male privilege and how as a Christian male I can live this out.


Dee: Has God showed you any of your own sin, misogyny, privilege etc as you’ve been on this journey?


Lux Kent: YES! I have witnessed my own sin in judging women – How I’ve viewed women as bad drivers, how I think they only good in the kitchen and should only do home-related issues and the sorts. Also the pet names I picked up and embraced, calling women derogatory names because it’s ‘cool’. Also not standing up for women when they whistled and howled at by men on the street and leaving it because it’s not ‘my’ issue.


One of the things I saw was my privilege and how I was not aware of it. Usually, people who are privileged never see they’re privileged and get shocked when they realize it, that was me. With the little influence I have, I was to see women the way God sees;’s them and not lesser.


Dee: Why is it important for men to listen to women?


Lux Kent: It’s important men to listen to women because they are made in the image of God and them not lesser. Their femininity and expression of their emotions is a gift! It’s a gift and blessing and not something to validate why we should not listen to them. Men (myself included) need to understand that we are fully equal – just different.


Dee: Why is it important for men to elevate women’s voices especially in the church.


Lux Kent: I think depending on what Church circles people are, some women are given voices and in some contexts, women voices are only limited to women and kids. I think much could be learnt from different church circles on how to empower women and give them a voice. I think what most churches and businesses struggle with is: Equity – where women voices are not heard, some are lucky enough to share but never equal enough to have their voices heard, taken into consideration and actioned.


Dee: How can men celebrate womanhood as God designed better?(practical points).


Lux Kent: Here are some thoughts :

  • Read books by women in your field
  • Celebrate women in your Church and business
  • Be sure to not create gender roles – men can wash dishes and cook and clean up!
  • Churches and businesses must create leadership pipelines for women and not men only.
  • Never put women in a box, celebrate all types of women. God has made us all unique.
  • Celebrate, uplift black women. Black women are the always at the bottom of the food chain. So make sure you go an extra mile for women of colour.
  • Coachmen on the privilege and tell them to abolish any patriarchal system.
  • Never see women as a sexual threat, they are more than their bodies.


About Lux Kent: Luxolo Kentane is the founder of the Living Legacy Movement. It started when he first released his first mix-tape at 17, titled “Blessed 2BA Blessing”. He now co-captains the Living Legacy Movement with Jarod Kemp. Lux loves reading theology books, making music and raising up leaders. You can find out more about him at: You can also follow him on twitter @Lux_Kent.

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