When I first heard about this movie, I was like where did Ja Rule find time to be in a movie when he always in and out of jail. I am not sure if he has been in and out of jail recently but that’s what I thought..lol. There was/is so much buzz around this movie in the Christian community I just had to see it, half way through it, I just had to write a review about it.

For those who haven’t watched this movie, it is about a rich bad boy and ex drug dealer, Miles, (played by Ja Rule) who meets Vanessa, a Christian girl (played by Adrianne Bailon). You know what happens next right! No? Ok, here is what happens he falls in love with her; she falls in love with him and she tries to convert him it’s a movie so they obviously get their happy ending.

I feel like this movie should have been titled things Christian girls should not do, I raised lots of eyebrows during the movie, allow me to justify my opinion. In the movie they quote a scripture which pretty much contradicts the whole movie, 2 Corinthians 6:14 “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” She brings up the scripture not after the first kiss but after the SECOND kiss. Some may think it’s just a movie, let’s just enjoy the moment it’s no biggie. But it’s not just a movie because this whole ‘missionary dating’ situation is rather quiet popular with Christian girls and I want us to be realistic and aware of the things happening around us. The bible says darkness cannot mix with light, ladies don’t try to convert him because this is real life he might actually end up converting you.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the movie, or rather the Christian girl is that it (she) has such a secular world view of dating. Which I find rather unusual for someone who is as ‘Christian’ as this character is. The bible says we must constantly renew our mind through Scripture, I think it’s about time our theology made it into our dating world. When it comes to dating, Christians have copied so much of the world’s principles it’s actually sad. The sleep over is one area that is a clear example of the things we have taken from the world, in the real world how often is it that a couple dating does not share a bedroom during sleepovers? And if they do share a bed it’s only a matter of time till the couple falls into temptation.

The hardest part of writing this review was perhaps the fact that the movie is based on a true story about the writer Galley Molina, which makes it harder to critique. But it is also dangerous thing because it gives people a sense of false hope, just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. I know some people try to justify their reasons for dating a non-believer by saying but God sent Hosea to marry a prostitute so he is sending me too. I believe it’s all about context here; the Hosea situation was a picture of how God pursues us even in our sin. Another excuse people give is that they have tried being with Christian guys but it just didn’t work out, they got their heart broken and now they just gave up on BA’s. I believe that if you are doing things the Lord’s way, he is the one we should trust to provide a spouse for us. Taking things in our own hands is what leads to us being hurt and getting unnecessary heartbreaks and these things eventually affect our marriages.


One of the things I love about the movie though is Ja Rule’s acting, I am no expert but he did a good job considering the kind of acting we usually have in Christian movies. I also love Mile’s story, God can change anyone, regardless of what they have done in the past no one is beyond repair with Jesus. But we can’t force anyone into salvation; it is the Lord’s work. Share the gospel, be a light but ultimately God is the changer of hearts.

One of my favourite parts of the movie is when Miles quotes a verse from Songs of songs to Vanessa, I found that part quite funny. Every good movie needs a bit of humor even Christian movies. I also loved when he went to the mom and dad to ask for a hand in marriage, I didn’t see that coming. It is important to involve parents during a courtship/relationship because “God is very serious with two people who have expressed their intentions to get married”- Joseph Gibson. The intention of every relationship should be marriage, that’s how God meant it to be and not just test driving a car you have no intention of buying.

Wrapping it all up, this movie is not just great reminder of how not to do things but also that God can save anyone. It is an okay movie (2/5); I felt they packed too much into it that sometimes it came across as trying too hard with the whole church girl concept. I do not encourage any professing Christian to follow the methods of dating/courting presented in this movie; we are called to be on mission not missionary daters. On a lighter note, I enjoyed seeing Ja rule again, very nostalgic (Mesmerize anyone? Lol) and also the notable appearances from Toby Mac and T- Bone.

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    Mpho Da Vessel Mjathu
    March 24, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    awesome review…
    I just felt like this is not worth watching all the way to the end with the way the world view of dating was “Christianized”…the world view and God’s way of relationships, just like light and darkness cannot dwell together.

    In Hosea’s situation too God explicitly sent Hosea to get married to the prostitute, unfortunately today a lot of us young people don’t even take time to listen from God about what he wants us to do. We only go tell him what we want and go our on way.

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      March 25, 2014 at 7:32 am

      Thanks Mpho, and I agree with your second comment as well

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